About the School

Saint Matthews K8 School sits in the heart of Saint Matthews, SC and is populated by a diverse community.  St. Matthews is the County seat of Calhoun County.  This county has a rich history and is known as one of South Carolina's first commercial cotton growers. SMK8 was formed in 2009-2010 by joining the former Guinyard Elemenaty School and John Ford Middle School.  SMK8 students are provided with an array of academic, club, and athletic opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. SMK8 received the Palmetto Silver Award and is a bronze participant member with the SC Safe Routes to School.

Mission Statement

The mission of Calhoun County Public Schools is to empower all students to compete and succeed in an ever-changing global society.

Our Vision

We envision a school district where everyone works harmoniously in a safe and caring environment to help all students reach their maximum potential.

Our Beliefs

 We  believe. . .

  •     In establishing and maintaining high expectations for all students
  •     In technology being an integral part of our instructional program for success in a global society
  •     In every student being responsible for his/her choices and actions
  •     In providing challenging and rigorous experiences to develop confident and competent students
  •     In an environment that encourages all to appreciate diversity
  •     In change providing opportunities for academic
  •     In social, and personal growth, in student learning and success being a chief priority
  •     In fostering cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders to promote engaging learning experiences.