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Matilda Snell-Kinsey Staff Photo

My name is Mrs. Matilda Snell-Kinsey. I teach Second Grade at St. Matthews K-8. What a joy it is to spend my days with energetic and insightful 7and 8 year olds. They teach me new things every day,too!

Second Grade is an adventurous year. It is filled with new ideas and learning. One of the most important core subjects we spend a great deal of time learning is reading. Consequently, most of our lives will be spent using this skill, so we really work extremely hard to lay a solid foundation for our future. Remember_those who read most,read best. I encourage my students to spend some time each day diving into a good book.

I am a graduate of Benedict College,Columbia,South Carolina. I earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education from South Carolina State University located in Orangeburg.