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Circulation Policy

St. Matthews K8 Media Center Circulation Policies

“The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.”
(Information Power, 1988)

St. Matthews K-8 Media Center has an open access policy and uses flexible scheduling. The facility is available to students and teachers as they need to use materials. Teachers schedule their classes in advance so that materials can be located and arranged to take maximum advantage of their time there. Students must present a pass when coming during class time or lunch. Students are expected to work quietly and to use their time wisely. Students must adhere to all library policies and procedures.

Book Circulation

Kindergarten: Kindergarten will check out one book for one week starting after Christmas break.  The book will be overdue after two weeks.  (The media center will send out a parental permission form and students must have this on file in order to check out.)

First Grade: First grade will check out one book for one week. The book will be overdue after two weeks.

Second through Eighth Grade: Second through eighth grade will check out two books at a time.  The books will be overdue after two weeks.   Per teacher approval, when students are through reading both books, they may return them so that they can check out two more books.  The teacher and media center will work together to make sure students check out books in their comfort reading zone according to the STAR reading assessment. 


Books may be renewed if not in demand or on hold for another student.  Students may renew items when requested by homeroom teachers regardless.

Overdue Policy

A book is overdue the day after the due date. Overdue notices for students with late materials are placed in teacher mailboxes for distribution to students every quarter.  If necessary, the media specialist will follow up with a letter or phone call to the parent or guardian.  Checkout privileges are suspended when a student has an overdue item on record.  These are reinstated when the overdue clears.

Lost Book Policy

When a book is reported “lost”, the media center will issue a Lost/Damage Book notice to the student.  Checkout privileges are suspended for the student until payment is made.  After payment, a receipt is issued, and the student may check out books.  If the book is found within 30 days and is in good, usable condition, the student will receive a complete refund.  If the book is found after thirty days, there will be no refund given.  The student may keep the book or donate it to the library.  Lost book fees are based on current replacement cost of the book.*

Damaged Book Policy

All students are informed of the guidelines for taking care of books during orientation.  When a book is damaged, a student should return the book to the media center.  A damage fee assessment based on current replacement cost of the book will be made.  A Lost/Damage Book Notice will be issued to the student.  Checkout privileges are suspended for students with outstanding Lost/Damaged Book Notices. When payment is made, a receipt is issued, and checkout privileges are reinstated.  Damaged books are discarded or given to the student.*

*The school has the right to withhold from any student the privilege of attending a school sponsored paid event until outstanding fines are paid on all overdue, lost, or damaged books.


After a student reads the books they check out, they are encouraged to take the AR test on the book.  Different classes and grade levels have different AR goals.  AR test can be taken in the classroom, computer lab, or media center.   Once students have completed reading and taking the test on their books, they may return them to the media center to get more books.