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Staff Directory


Child Development


Wanda Harvin and Laurinda Owens

Extension 2529

Deborah Nesbitt and Michelle Green

Extension 2531



Sonia Cherry and Doris Dunning

Extension 2534

Marla Fanning and Kathy Bonnette

Extension 2535

Laverne Glover and Maria Brown

Extension 2537

First Grade


Olivia Smith

Extension 2527

Sally Prickett

Extension 2526

Annette Wannamaker

Extension 2525

Second Grade


Amy Kiernan

Extension 2522

Matilda Snell-Kinsey

Extension 2521

Kaci Strock

Extension 2523

Third Grade


Felicia White

Extension 2544

Janice Smith

Extension 2543

Gloria Felder-Way

Extension 2545

Fourth Grade


Shuniqua Hart

Extension 2553

Doretha Jones

Extension 2552

Tamika Fordham

Extension 2551

Fifth Grade


Taylor Tant

Extension 2556

Marian Green

Extension 2555

Germaine Fields

Extension 2557

Sixth Grade


Glen Aiken

Mykedia Middleton                        

Extension 2547

Keith Scott

Extension 2549

ELA 7th


Carolyn Snider

Extension 2577

ELA 8th


Angela Colter-Haigler

Extension 2571

Math 7th


Thomasina Mack

Extension 2579

Math 8th


Anita Fersner

Extension 2573

Science Middle School


Jacqueline Myrick

Extension 2572

Social Studies Middle School


Roscoe Mitchell

Gateway to Tech. & Lab Teacher

Becky Haigler                        

Extension 2578

Extension 2576

Montessori Primary


Jamarla Lewis and Tammie Chestnut

Extension 2532

Montessori Lower Elementary


Wanda Green

Extension 2520

Montessori Upper Elementary


Donnica Darby

Extension 2541

Special Services Resource


Ellen Heatley

Extension 2580

Alice Walker

Extension 2519

Self-Contained Preschool


Brittany Lyons, Alva Larrymore and Mary Jackson

Extension 2566

Self-Contained Elementary


Priscilla Carter, Iris Larrymore and Devon Fredrick

Extension 2542

Self-Contained Middle


Gloria Heatley and Charles Green

Extension 2550



Kandi Young

Extension 2524

Courtney Dixon

Extension 2518

Related Arts



Larry Johnson


Curtis Bates                          



Chanell Dingle

Extension 2575



Sylvia Goodwin

Extension 2564

Marilyn Curry

Extension 2554



Shawanna White

Extension 2586

Kevin McCarty

Extension 2586

Media Center


Susan Morris

Extension 2560

Ada Mack

Extension 2561



Judy Robinson

Extension 2509

In School Suspension


Freddie Mae Robinson

Extension 2570


Extension 2588,2589

Math Interventionist


Irish Smith

Extension 2546

Reading Interventionist


Dori Jarecki

Extension 2563